Art and Artistic Research

Applied art presents.

In order to open up new ways of seeing differently, it is more than necessary to consider art. By means of artistic methods, new processes can be introduced in the development of insight and knowledge, understanding and experience. As artistic research, more and more transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary interests from all fields of artistic practice are gathering together to form an increasingly well-established area, complementary to known and familiar approaches of research. Arts helps to look new at the world. Many projects (for example supported by the special funding format PEEK at the FWF – The Austrian Science Fund) show us the diversity in this area. There are no limits to the possibilities, all forms of the arts are active here, not least in order to be able to challenge oneself in a committed way, since it is also about one’s own conditions; Finally, the question provoke the new, not the answer, this brings the change into the world. So this is how approaches and conditions are in development, this is how art is challenging applied. Projects will present their work.

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