Microscopy and Heritage Science at the Angewandte

Dr. Tatjana Bayerova
Prof. Johannes Weber
Dr. Marta Anghelone

Institute of Conservation, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Fachgebiet: Heritage Science
Was ist es: The Institute of Conservation at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Angewandte) is involved in several national and international projects, mainly dealing with restoration and preservation of historical artefacts and the technology of their making, along with educational programs for conservators.
Focus is the study and conservation of polychromies, metal, ceramic, textile and stone objects from archaeological to modern times. Heritage Science is one of the pillar on which the study of all the artefacts and the development of conservation procedures are based. Hence, the natural science laboratory embedded in the Institute is taking part and supporting all the projects, by means of several scientific analytical techniques, many of them based on microscopy.
Even methods that might sound simple, such as the microscopic investigation of a sample not bigger than 1 mm, can provide a wide range of important information about an object, its history, the manufacturing technology and its condition…
Within the live presentation, a taste of the potential and the contribution given by microscopy to conservation and heritage science will be handed…