Superconductivity and superfluidity

Dr. Lauri Toikka [1]
Bernd Aichner, BSc MSc. [2]

[1] University of Innsbruck
[2] (Universität Wien

Subject area:Physics
What is it: Superconductivity and superfluidity are exciting examples of quantum phenomena occurring on large scales and relatively high temperatures. One of the hallmark quantum phenomena in these systems is the appearance of quantised vortices – typically as a triangular or hexagonal array of miniature `quantum tornados’ – that most commonly result when a magnetic field penetrates a type II superconductor or when a superfluid is stirred. In this exhibition we present both experimental and theoretical research on vortices in systems with superconducting and superfluid order, and offer a demonstration of a levitating train based on the physics of a hightemperature superconductor.