On- machine optical surface topography measurement sensor based on focus variation

Subba Reddy Darukumalli
Alicona Imaging GmbH

Subject area: Sensorics. 
What is it: With the trend to increasingly implement quality assurance and thus measurement technology as an integral part of production, requirements on measurement systems have changed Considering the feasibility of operating in real time inside a production machine, a focus variation ( 3 D sensor prototype has been designed with the dimensions of 80 mm ( × 200 mm ( and the typical time for single measurement is less than 20 s The instrument design is presented The performance of the on machine sensor has been compared with measurement results acquired by a benchtop focus variation instrument Additionally, the current prototype real time wireless signal strength has been studied in a milling machine and the results are presented.

Project: PAM^2 EU project.

Website: https://pam2.eu/