Chaos and Complexity in Social, Ecological and Chemical Systems

Florian Wodlei, PhD
MMag. Mihnea R. Hristea

Living Systems Research

Fachgebiet: Complexity and Complex Systems
Was ist es: Our research group is doing research on complex systems since 2002 among which we investigate mainly chemical systems. For this event we will give an intuitive introduction to complexity by giving examples from ecology (Lotka-Volterra system) in form of an interactive computer program, by showing a complex oscillatory chemical reaction (Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction) which will be prepared on place.
And additionally will show how chaos originates in a very simple but complex system – the double pendulum. This will be carried out with our self-build “chaos-pendulum according to Shinbrot et al. (American Journal of Physics 60, 491 (1992)).
In addition to these practical examples we will give the theoretical background in a general and comprehensible way in form of a poster.